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I see two ways to join: Affiliate and Deluxe Agent. What’s the difference?

Affiliate is just agent added to our database,
searchable on VREB Website and full dashboard with all VREB forms/graphics and of course right to use/market
program. Deluxe Agent package is Affiliate Agent plus Custom Agent marketing products, VREB Agent website and VCA Course. Both make you eligible for buyer assignments. (See full membership comparison and our marketing products at

Does this work in my State?

Works in all 50 states, no lender review or seller paid buyer concession caps. Only shows as
a broker referral on the CD—from your Firm to ours.

Is this a Rebate program?

No, it is NOT. It is a Membership Benefits Program. (Much like USAA Program) Rebate
programs are illegal in 12 states and problematic in all.

Do I get Leads?

Yes, we assigned hundreds of prequalified buyers every month across the Nation. More in some states.
(See Assignment Map at Your VREB Custom Agent Tools will also help you dominate your local market and get more military related contacts/leads as well.

What Referral Rate do you charge on the VREB Prequalified Buyer or Seller assignments you send to Agents?

28% for Veterans and 25% for Non-Veterans. (This includes the Veterans Reward amount we pay)

Do I get Priority Assignment in my market as a Network Agent?

Yes, we always assign our prequalified buyers and sellers to a network agent FIRST. IF no Network Agent, we send out to 15 non-network agents on first come first assign status. Network Agents also have a blanket referral agreement on file so no referral agreement each assignment.

If the Fee an Annual Fee?

Yes. Our renewal fee is $199 and is waived if 5 or more closings over the year.

Do you have any other monthly or membership fees?

No monthly and only your initial membership fee, annual renewal applies if you don’t close 5 VREB transactions.

Do Veterans Home Buyers and Sellers Join for Free?

Yes and always through you their network agent.

Can my client use any lender?

Yes, except on our prequalified buyer assignments.

Can I Nominate a local Lender I work with to Join me on program?

Yes—Great way to double your Results!!

What does VREB charge for a Lender to Join the program? $299 Will I require a special course or training?

If you haven’t taken the MILRES or MRP and not a Veteran (or spouse of Veteran), you will need to take our VCA Military Certification Course.

Is the Veteran Certified Agent (VCA) Course and Designation included?

Yes in Deluxe Package

Do I really Get a VREB Agent Website?

Yes with the Deluxe package, you pick a URL and we purchase from GoDaddy.
We build your site on that URL. Membership includes full year of hosting as well.

I can Pick Any URL for my VREB website?

Yes, we ask you to select three options and recommend they are tied to military, veteran theme. (Ex. We can’t put your brand (REMAX) or word Realtor in your URL name.

Does the VREB Website affect or alter my main agent website?

No, we will link the two, but our VREB Website will have not change anything on your main agent website.

Where Does the Veterans Rewards check come from?

We send the check after closing from our headquarters. The Veteran’s check is funded by your referral to VREB program.

How much is the Standard Referral on agent locally generated VREB sales? (not Our assignments)

19-26% depending on sales price—higher the price less the referral fee. 95% of referral goes to Veteran in your name!!

Do you have a reduced amount we pay on our agent generated VREB sales when the agent earns less than 3% commission?

Yes, we do we will go over in your training.

Do You provide Training?

Yes, monthly live webinars, access to or VREB University and our most recent recorded
webinar. We also have our VCA Course for Agent Military Certification and Designation.

What is Call Capture?

VREB Designed/Branded Sign riders that you can install on your listing for sale signs to get more
buyers and sellers to call you on program

What is your $10,000 Guarantee?

Follow our proven system and if you don’t earn an additional $10k in a year, we will waive next year’s Renewal Fee!!

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